What is it?
Purified water with real lemon & organic caffeine. That simple. No calories, no sugar, 60 mg. of organic caffeine.
Because life gave me lemons. After months of waking up on the wrong side of the bed, I needed a new keystone habit to break me out of my funk. My answer was drinking the simplest & purest energy water every morning to have a clear start to the day. B Energy Water instilled a belief in myself that today would be better than yesterday.
What's organic caffeine?
We source our organic caffeine from Applied Foods who are also here in Austin, so I'll let them answer - what is PurCaf organic caffeine?
"This organic powdered extract, standardized at 95% pure caffeine, is extracted from green coffee beans. PurCaf® is non-GMO and one of the only GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) caffeine sources in the industry today for safe use in beverages. While being highly water soluble, PurCaf® organic caffeine is also clear in solution and has a neutral taste profile."
How much caffeine is 60 mg?
Google says the average cup of coffee is 95 mg of caffeine - so it's a little less than a cup of coffee. We like to think the less you use, the less you need.
Why lemon?
1. supports your immune system
2. balances your pH
3. supports digestion
4. good for your skin
5. hydrates your lymphatic system
Checkout the full mindbodygreen article on the benefits of lemon water. 
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